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Welcome To Department Of English

The Department of English was started in June 2000 when the college started and this department is one of the most active departments in the college. There are two teachers in the department. English is taught at the compulsory level as well as special level. Compulsory English is taught at B.A, B.Com, and B.Sc. FY and SY level and optional English is taught at BAFY, BASY and BATY level. Mr. Ramesh Bhanudas Jaybhaye and Miss. Nilima Prakash Kale were appointed as a lecturer in the department of English on 29th June 2009. Mr. Ramesh Bhanudas Jaybhaye was carried responsibility as Head of the department up till now. The department of English always actively participates in the social responsibilities, extension activities and cultural events organized by college, NSS, and Lifelong Learning and Extension department. We always encourage the students to take part in the college as well as social activities.
English Department is working according to the following Aims/Objectives.
To develop interest of students about English language and Literature.
To enhance linguistic and communicative competence of the rural students through various activities.
To make the students competent in the Basics of English Language and Grammar.
To impart skill-oriented, value based modern education to the students.
To develop interdisciplinary approach with other subjects.
To give the students a firm grounding in communication practice.
To inculcate human and social values among students to make them better citizen.

Faculty and Their Position





Date of Joining

& Experience


Dr. Ramesh Jaybhaye

M.A, B.Ed. M. Phil, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof

Science Fiction
British Literature.
Indian Writing in English


Permanent (Head)

Dr. Nilima Kale M.A. M. Phil.
Ph. D.
Asst. Prof Indian Writing In English.
Women Studies.