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Welcome To Department Of Environmental Sciences

History of Department: –


The Department of Environmental Sciences was established in 2013-2014. At that time the department had only one lecturer. Mr. Abhijit S. Thorat Working from 10 July 2018 at the Post of Assistant Professor. The department library is rich enough and the central library has sufficient text books, reference book and also journals.The members of in our department are not only active but they participate in every activity of the college. Due to our active participation our subject is made most likely amongst the student.We always encourage the students to take part in the social activities.

Environmental Science Department is working according to the following Aims/Objectives.


  • Producing a class of computer professionals.
  • Achieving academic excellence.
  • Nurturing the students of yesterday into resolute builders of the future.
  • Discover the ultimate in the field of Computer Science and Technology
  • To strengthen the computer literacy missions of the Government.
  • To make the forthcoming generations aware of computer education.
  • To impart technical and interpersonal skills to the students.
  • To produce computer professionals who can face not only the present. but also future challenges of I.T. Industry.
  • To provide I.T. based solutions to the society.

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Thorat A.S.




Environmental Toxicology

10 July