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Welcome To Department Of Zoology

Dagdojirao Deshmukh Arts and Commerce College, Bajajnagar, Waluj was established in 2000 During 2013 the institution has taken up the steps for opening faculty of science, at the same time the department of Zoology was established in the year 2013. From the beginning Ms. Madhuri Deshmukh was appointed as Assistant Professor on CHB basis and acting as Head of the department until 2013 to 2017 Later Mr. S.R. Naphade appointed as Assistant Professor on CHB basis and received the charge of the department.
The department has sufficient equipped laboratory to meet the practical as per the latest syllabus of the university. The department has academic autonomy to some extent in deciding optional papers, teaching methods, selection of reference books, periodicals, practical’s etc. The faculty members have freedom to enjoy various academic activities for betterment of students, institute and personnel benefits. Museum of the department is decorated with models, charts, and number of specimens of various groups of animals. The department has 55 books in college library. Modern teaching methods are practiced and use of ICT is made in teaching and learning. Students are assigned projects to enrich their practical knowledge.
Zoology is the branch of science where animal structures, development, classification and related aspects are studied. Animal being an important part of ecosystem and play specific role in benefiting human beings helping them to provide food and fibers. Study of Zoology helps in conservation of Biodiversity. Continuous contribution of the department for education to the students in the subject Zoology.

Faculty and Their Position





Date of Joining

& Experience


Mr. Sameer Rajendra Naphade

M. Sc.

Asst. Prof.

Animal Physiology

 03 / 10  /2017

Asst. Prof./HOD

Ms. Madhuri Deshmukh


Asst. Prof

Life Science


Asst. Prof